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Q. What is Quadrillion ?

Definition of Quadrillion : Quadrillion is a unit in the numbering system which is equal to 1015.

Q. How much is 1 Quadrillion ?

Ans. One Quadrillion is equal to 1E+15, also in scientific notation it is expressed as 1015 therefore there are 15 zeroes in a quadrillion.

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Quadrillion Conversion Table

See how large is One quadrillion compared to other Numbering units.

1000000000 million1000000 billion
1000 trillion1 quadrillion
0.001 quintillion1.0E-6 sextillion
1.0E-9 septillion1.0E-12 octillion
1.0E-15 nonillion1.0E-18 decillion
1.0E-21 undecillion1.0E-24 duodecillion
1.0E-27 tredecillion1.0E-30 quattuordecillion
1.0E-33 quinquadecillion1.0E-36 sedecillion
1.0E-39 septendecillion1.0E-42 octodecillion
1.0E-45 novendecillion1.0E-48 vigintillion
1.0E-51 unvigintillion1.0E-54 duovigintillion
1.0E-57 tresvigintillion1.0E-60 quattuorvigintillion
1.0E-63 quinquavigintillion1.0E-66 sesvigintillion
1.0E-69 septemvigintillion1.0E-72 octovigintillion
1.0E-75 novemvigintillion1.0E-78 trigintillion
1.0E-81 untrigintillion1.0E-84 duotrigintillion
1.0E-87 trestrigintillion1.0E-90 quattuortrigintillion
1.0E-93 quinquatrigintillion1.0E-96 sestrigintillion
1.0E-99 septentrigintillion1.0E-102 octotrigintillion
1.0E-105 noventrigintillion1.0E-108 quadragintillion
1.0E-138 quinquagintillion1.0E-168 sexagintillion
1.0E-198 septuagintillion1.0E-228 octogintillion
1.0E-258 nonagintillion1.0E-288 centillion
10000000000000 hundred1000000000000 thousand
10000000000 lakh100000000 crore
1000000 arab10000 kharab
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