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Why DomainConverters ?

Calculations.. . DomainConverters is here to help you do all your number crunching tasks to give you the results that really matter.

We are living in a society where calculation has become a necessity as we don't want to waste our resources be it money or time (the most valuable).

To make our life easy we need to have something to help us take quick, smart decisions based to the information we have.

What is DomainConverters ?

DomainConverters is the calculation tool hub, a place were you can get your calculations done within a blink of an eye, be it related to any topic, domain or scope.

We here at Domain Converters try to solve your every day calculation related problems like How many days are left for my birthday? or How much I need something?.. .

Site aims to help people perform calculations relating domains like Fashion, Computers, Fashion, health and many more of them.

If there is something that requires some calculation this is the place for you.

It is a website by the people for the people where every user tries to help every other user.

Who inspired us to create DomainConverters ?

It is worth mentioning where this idea came from. Like any other idea this idea also started with problems around.

My Hardworking father who works for indian railways has to do a lot of calculations everyday, My Sweet Mother who has to calculate all the home expenses and My beautiful friend Ekta Sharma, she is a Maths and Computer Science teacher, she was like gaurav I can't remember all the formulas and I have to do lot of calculations, You are a computer science engineer could create something which could solve my problem.

And.. I live in a rented accomodation and we share expenses it becomes really difficult to calculate the shared expenses when you have to record it daily, I wanted something that I could just input my data and get the results I wanted.

Inspired by people around me and the problems they face.

DomainConverters - One Step Further..

Domainconverters is just a small step to affect people's life and make it more enjoyable by enabling them take important decisions quickly and saving their time.

Anyone reading this I request you to join hands together and help our community with the knowledge you have.

If you don't find anything we will try to get that with the help of your community.