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Q. What is a Number System Of different Bases?

A numeral system is a way of expressing numbers, using digits or other symbols in a consistent manner. A number K is written differently in different number systems, that is the reason we have different interpretations of number string K = "100", in binary number system it is 4, in decimal number system it is 100, 144 in octal number system and different for other base-n number systems.

Q. What is base b in Numeral System?

In base b numeral system, b corresponds to the first b natural numbers including zero which are used to represent numbers in that particular base. for example for base 2 number sytem, we use 0 and 1 to represent numbers.

Number System Converter helps in conversion of numbers represented in different bases. for example : number system conversion of (1000)2 in binary to (16)10 in decimal.

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