Femtojoule (fJ) an Energy Measurement Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q. What is a Femtojoule ?

Answer: Femtojoule is SI derived multiple of the energy unit joule(J).

Q. How much is 1 Femtojoule energy?

It is equal to 1.00E-15 times joules.

Symbol : fJ

So 1 femtojoule = 1.00E-15 joules.

Example Conversion: 23 femtojoule = 1.00E-15 X 23 joules.

Or we can say, 23 fJ = 2.3E-14 J.

Convert femtojoule to other energy measurement units

Femtojoule Conversion Table and Chart

Use this conversion chart to compare one with other energy measurement units.

1000 attojoule - aJ1.0E-13 centijoule - cJ
1.0E-16 decajoule - daJ1.0E-14 decijoule - dJ
1.0E-33 exajoule - EJ1 femtojoule - fJ
1.0E-24 gigajoule - GJ1.0E-17 hectojoule - hJ
1.0E-15 joule - J1.0E-18 kilojoule - kJ
1.0E-21 megajoule - MJ1.0E-9 microjoule - µJ
1.0E-12 millijoule - mJ1.0E-6 nanojoule - nJ
1.0E-30 petajoule - PJ0.001 picojoule - pJ
1.0E-27 terajoule - TJ1000000000 yoctojoule - yJ
1.0E-39 yottajoule - YJ1000000 zeptojoule - zJ
1.0E-36 zettajoule - ZJ