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Q.What is a percentage error ?

Define Percent Error : It is the percentage error by which forecast of a model differ from actual value of the quantity being forecast or in other words it is percentage the difference between an observed or measured value and a true or known value.

For eg : In Chemistry while measuring a 10mL beaker, the value read was 9.5mL. The correct reading being 10mL so there is a percent error of 5%.

Percentage Error Formula : % error = [|Observed Value - True Value| / True Value] x 100.

Note: as we are taking the absolute value of difference hence % error will always come out as positive.

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Steps to Calculate Percent Error

Step 1: Subtract the True value from the Observed value.

Step 2: Take the absolute of the value obtained in Step 1, Now we have our error.

Step 3: Divide the error obtained in step 2 by the true value.

Step 4: Multiply the result from step 3 by 100 and add a % percentage sign at the end of the result.