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Microvolt is non-SI multiple of the voltage unit volt.

The base unit for Microvolt is volts, where 1 Microvolt is equal to 0.000001 volts. The symbol for microvolt is uV

Therefore, 1 microvolt = 0.000001 volt.

Convert microvolt to other voltage units using the following conversion calculator.

Microvolt Conversion Table

Following is a simple chart of other electrical potential difference units where 1 Microvolt is equal to:

100 abvolt1000000000000 attovolt
0.0001 centivolt1.0E-7 decavolt
1.0E-5 decivolt1.0E-24 exavolt
1000000000 femtovolt1.0E-15 gigavolt
1.0E-8 hectovolt1.0E-9 kilovolt
1.0E-12 megavolt1 microvolt
0.001 millivolt1000 nanovolt
1.0E-21 petavolt1000000 picovolt
3.3356409519815E-9 statvolt1.0E-18 teravolt
1.0E-6 volt1.0E+18 yoctovolt
1.0E-30 yottavolt1.0E+15 zeptovolt
1.0E-27 zettavolt
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