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Use this nM to M converter to convert concentration values from nanomolar to molar where 1 nanomolar is equal to 1.0E-9 molars. Enter concentration values to find how many molars in nanomolars .

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Note : SI unit of Molar Concentration is molar.

Symbol : nanomolar - nM , molar - M

Nanomolars to Molars Conversion Formula

Value in molars = 1.0E-9 * Value in nanomolars .

in other words, A M = 1.0E-9 X B nM

How to Convert Nanomolar to Molar.

There are 1.0E-9 molars in a nanomolar i.e. 1 nanomolar is equal to 1.0E-9 molars. So if we are asked to convert nanomolars to molars we just have to multiply nanomolars value with 1.0E-9.

Example : to convert 25 nM to M

25 nanomolars equals 25 X 1.0E-9 molars i.e 2.5E-8 molars.

Nanomolars to Molars Conversion Chart & Table

nanomolar molar
25 nM 2.5E-8 M
37.5 nM 3.75E-8 M
50 nM 5.0E-8 M
62.5 nM 6.25E-8 M
75 nM 7.5E-8 M
87.5 nM 8.75E-8 M
100 nM 1.0E-7 M
112.5 nM 1.125E-7 M
125 nM 1.25E-7 M
137.5 nM 1.375E-7 M
150 nM 1.5E-7 M
162.5 nM 1.625E-7 M
175 nM 1.75E-7 M
187.5 nM 1.875E-7 M
200 nM 2.0E-7 M
212.5 nM 2.125E-7 M
225 nM 2.25E-7 M
237.5 nM 2.375E-7 M
250 nM 2.5E-7 M
262.5 nM 2.625E-7 M
275 nM 2.75E-7 M
287.5 nM 2.875E-7 M
300 nM 3.0E-7 M
312.5 nM 3.125E-7 M
325 nM 3.25E-7 M
nanomolar molar
337.5 nM 3.375E-7 M
350 nM 3.5E-7 M
362.5 nM 3.625E-7 M
375 nM 3.75E-7 M
387.5 nM 3.875E-7 M
400 nM 4.0E-7 M
412.5 nM 4.125E-7 M
425 nM 4.25E-7 M
437.5 nM 4.375E-7 M
450 nM 4.5E-7 M
462.5 nM 4.625E-7 M
475 nM 4.75E-7 M
487.5 nM 4.875E-7 M
500 nM 5.0E-7 M
512.5 nM 5.125E-7 M
525 nM 5.25E-7 M
537.5 nM 5.375E-7 M
550 nM 5.5E-7 M
562.5 nM 5.625E-7 M
575 nM 5.75E-7 M
587.5 nM 5.875E-7 M
600 nM 6.0E-7 M
612.5 nM 6.125E-7 M
625 nM 6.25E-7 M
637.5 nM 6.375E-7 M

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