Candela (cd) a Luminous Intensity Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q. What is a Candela ?

Candela is SI multiple of the Luminous Intensity unit candela.

Q. How much is 1 Candela Light Intensity ?

It is 1.00E+00 times candela.

Symbol : cd

So 1 candela = 1.00E+00 candela.

Example Conversion: 879 candela = 1.00E+00 x 879 candelas.

Or we can say, 879 cd = 879 cd.

Convert candela to other Luminous Intensity Measurement units

Candela Conversion Table & Chart

Use this candela table to compare 1 candela with other luminous intensity measurement units.

1.0E+18 attocandela100 centicandela
0.1 decacandela10 decicandela
1.0E-18 exacandela1.0E+15 femtocandela
1.0E-9 gigacandela0.01 hectocandela
1 candela0.001 kilocandela
1.0E-6 megacandela1000000 microcandela
1000 millicandela1000000000 nanocandela
1.0E-15 petacandela1000000000000 picocandela
1.0E-12 teracandela1.0E+24 yoctocandela
1.0E-24 yottacandela1.0E+21 zeptocandela
1.0E-21 zettacandela