Centihenry (cH) an Inductance Measurement Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q: What is Centihenry ?

Answer: It is non-SI multiple of the inductance unit henry.

Q: How much is 1 Centihenry ?

Answer: It is 0.01 times henry.

Symbol : cH

So 1 centihenry = 0.01 henry.

Example : 1 centihenry = 0.01 x 1 henries.

Or we can say, 1cH = 0.01 H.

Convert centihenry to other inductance measurement units

Centihenry Conversion Table and Chart

Using this conversion chart compare one centihenry with other inductance units.

1.0E+16 attohenry1 centihenry
0.001 decahenry0.1 decihenry
1.0E-20 exahenry10000000000000 femtohenry
1.0E-11 gigahenry0.0001 hectohenry
0.01 henry1.0E-5 kilohenry
1.0E-8 megahenry10000 microhenry
10 millihenry10000000 nanohenry
1.0E-17 petahenry10000000000 picohenry
1.0E-14 terahenry1.0E+22 yoctohenry
1.0E-26 yottahenry1.0E+19 zeptohenry
1.0E-23 zettahenry