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Use this b to B converter to convert data values from bit to byte where 1 bit equals 0.125 byte. Enter the data value to find how many bytes in bits .

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Note : non-SI unit of data is bit(b) or bits.

Symbol : bit - b , byte - B

Bits to Bytes Conversion Formula

Value in bytes = 0.125 x Value in bits .

How to Convert Bit to Byte

There are 0.125 bytes in a bit ie. 1 bit is equal to 0.125 bytes. So if asked to convert bits to bytes just multiply bits value with 0.125.

Example Conversion: to convert 3 b to B

3 bits equals 3 X 0.125 bytes i.e 0.375 bytes.

Bits to Bytes Conversion Chart & Table

bits bytes
bits bytes

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