Picoamps(pA) an Electric Current Measurement Unit & Conversion Chart

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Q: What is Picoamps ?

Answer. It is SI multiple of the current unit ampere.

Q: How much is 1 Picoamps?

Answer. It is 1.00E-12 times ampere i.e 1 Picoamps = 1.00E-12 ampere.

Symbol : pA

So 1 picoamps = 1.00E-12 amps.

Example : 28 picoamps = 1.00E-12 x 28 amperes.

Or we can say, 28 pA = 2.8E-11 A.

Convert picoamps to other current measurement units

Picoamps Conversion Table and Chart

Use this Picoamps Conversion Chart to compare 1 picoamps with other electric current measurement units.

1.0E-13 abamps1.0E-12 amps
1000000 attoamps1.0E-13 biots
1.0E-10 centiamps1.0E-11 deciamps
1.0E-13 decaamps1.2566370542658E-12 gilberts
1.0E-14 hectoamps1.0E-15 kiloamps
1.0E-18 megaamps1.0E-6 microamps
1.0E-9 milliamps0.001 nanoamps
1 picoamps0.0029940119760479 statamps
1.0E-24 teraamps

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