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Q: What is Yoctomho (y℧) ?

Define Yoctomho : Yoctomho is a unit of conductance and a non-SI multiple of unit siemens often expressed as 10-24 siemens .

Q: How much is 1 Yoctomho Conductance ?

Answer: 1 yoctomho is equal to 1.00E-24 Siemens. Refer to y℧ to S conversion

Symbol : y℧

So as we know 1 yoctomho = 10-24 siemens.

Let us see an Example : 82 yoctomho = 1.00E-24 x 82 Siemens.

Or we can say, 82 y℧ = 8.2E-23 S.

Convert yoctomho to other Electrical Conductance Units.

Yoctomho Conversion Table and Chart

use this chart to compare One yoctomho with other conductance units.

1.0E-6 attosiemens1.0E-22 centisiemens
1.0E-25 decasiemens1.0E-23 decisiemens
1.0E-42 exasiemens1.0E-9 femtosiemens
1.0E-33 gigasiemens1.0E-26 hectosiemens
1.0E-24 siemens1.0E-27 kilosiemens
1.0E-30 megasiemens1.0E-18 microsiemens
1.0E-21 millisiemens1.0E-15 nanosiemens
1.0E-39 petasiemens1.0E-12 picosiemens
1.0E-36 terasiemens1 yoctosiemens
1.0E-48 yottasiemens0.001 zeptosiemens
1.0E-45 zettasiemens1.0E-6 attomho
1.0E-22 centimho1.0E-25 decamho
1.0E-23 decimho1.0E-42 examho
1.0E-9 femtomho1.0E-33 gigamho
1.0E-26 hectomho1.0E-24 mho
1.0E-27 kilomho1.0E-30 megamho
1.0E-18 micromho1.0E-21 millimho
1.0E-15 nanomho1.0E-39 petamho
1.0E-12 picomho1.0E-36 teramho
1 yoctomho1.0E-48 yottamho
0.001 zeptomho1.0E-45 zettamho

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