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Use this G to YF converter to convert capacitance values from gaussian to yottafarads. 1 G is equal to 1.11265E-36 yottafarads. Enter input value and find out how many yottafarads are in gaussian.

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Note : SI unit of Capacitance is Farad.

Symbol : gauss - G , yottafarad - YF

Gaussian to Yottafarads Conversion Formula

Value in yottafarads = 1.11265E-36 X Value in gaussian .
i.e In Symbolic notation : YF = 1.11265E-36 x G .

How to Convert Gauss to Yottafarad.

As we know that there are 1.11265E-36 yottafarads in a gauss ie. 1 gauss is equal to 1.11265E-36 yottafarads. So to convert gaussian to yottafarads just multiply gaussian value with 1.11265E-36.

Let's see an example to convert 43 G to YF :-

  1. As 1 gauss = 1.11265E-36 yottafarads.
  2. Therefore 43 gaussian equals 43 x 1.11265E-36 yottafarads which comes out to be 4.784395E-35 yottafarads.

Gaussian to Yottafarads Conversion Chart & Table

Note: Change input values to generate chart according to your need.

gauss to yottafarad
10 G 1.11265E-35 YF
20 G 2.2253E-35 YF
30 G 3.33795E-35 YF
40 G 4.4506E-35 YF
50 G 5.56325E-35 YF
60 G 6.6759E-35 YF
70 G 7.78855E-35 YF
80 G 8.9012E-35 YF
90 G 1.001385E-34 YF
100 G 1.11265E-34 YF
110 G 1.223915E-34 YF
120 G 1.33518E-34 YF
130 G 1.446445E-34 YF
140 G 1.55771E-34 YF
150 G 1.668975E-34 YF
160 G 1.78024E-34 YF
170 G 1.891505E-34 YF
180 G 2.00277E-34 YF
190 G 2.114035E-34 YF
200 G 2.2253E-34 YF
gauss to yottafarad
210 G 2.336565E-34 YF
220 G 2.44783E-34 YF
230 G 2.559095E-34 YF
240 G 2.67036E-34 YF
250 G 2.781625E-34 YF
260 G 2.89289E-34 YF
270 G 3.004155E-34 YF
280 G 3.11542E-34 YF
290 G 3.226685E-34 YF
300 G 3.33795E-34 YF
310 G 3.449215E-34 YF
320 G 3.56048E-34 YF
330 G 3.671745E-34 YF
340 G 3.78301E-34 YF
350 G 3.894275E-34 YF
360 G 4.00554E-34 YF
370 G 4.116805E-34 YF
380 G 4.22807E-34 YF
390 G 4.339335E-34 YF
400 G 4.4506E-34 YF