Electromagnetic-unit (emu) a Capacitance Measurement Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q: What is Electromagnetic-unit ?

Answer: Electromagnetic-unit is a unit of Capacitance and a non-SI multiple of unit farad. Electromagnetic-unit is often expressed using symbol emu .

Q: How much is 1 Electromagnetic-unit ?

Answer: 1 electromagnetic-unit is equal to 1000000000 farads. For more information refer to emu to F conversion

Let's see an example where we convert 45 electromagnetic-units to farads

  1. As we know 1 electromagnetic-unit = 109 farads.

  2. So 45 electromagnetic-units = 45 x 1000000000 farads.

  3. Therefore we can say, 45 emu = 45000000000 F.

Convert electromagnetic-unit to other capacitance units

Electromagnetic-unit Conversion Table and Chart

Use this Electromagnetic-unit chart to compare one electromagnetic-unit with other capacitance measurement units.

1.0E+27 attofarads100000000000 centifarads
100000000 decafarads10000000000 decifarads
1.0E-9 exafarads1.0E+24 femtofarads
1 gigafarads10000000 hectofarads
1000000000 farads1000000 kilofarads
1000 megafarads1.0E+15 microfarads
1000000000000 millifarads1.0E+18 nanofarads
1.0E-6 petafarads1.0E+21 picofarads
0.001 terafarads1.0E+33 yoctofarads
1.0E-15 yottafarads1.0E+30 zeptofarads
1.0E-12 zettafarads1 abfarads
1 electromagnetic-units8.9875522401474E+20 electrostatic-units
8.9875522401474E+20 gausss8.9875522401474E+20 statfarads
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