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How this List Randomization Works.

This random list generator is for anyone who likes to have a weird random list of items.

Randomization algorithm just takes an element and chooses a random position for it out of the left one.

Let's understand the working of this generator with the help of an example.

Consider we have list of 5 items L = {youtube, facebook, linkedin, google, yahoo}

  • Let's start with the first element "youtube" let us give it a position 4. "facebook" is given a postion 1
  • After above step we have a new list {facebook, , , youtube, } with 1st and 4th position filled .
  • Now we are left out with three positions, let's position "yahoo" to second place and "linkedin" to 5th place.
  • Now we have {facebook, yahoo, , youtube, linkedin}. And the last position is filled by "google".
  • Finally after randomization {facebook, yahoo, google, youtube, linkedin}.

Why should I use this List Randomizer ?

I know you can randomize a list by your own. But how about a list that is more than 100 elements or say more than 1000, would you be able to do it by yourself?. I guess You would need some automated tool to do it for you and this is what this tool does it for you.

Go ahead and use the random List generator and If you like this tool please comment us below and share your experience with others.

Special thanks to my friend Ekta Sharma for helping me creating this.

If you like our effort, please do share it with your friends.