Centimoles an Amount of Substance Unit and Conversion Chart

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Q: What is Centimoles ?

Answer: Centimoles is an amount of substance measurement unit and it is a SI multiple of unit mole. Centimoles is often abbreviated as cmol.

Q: How much is 1 Centimole?

Answer: 1 centimole is equal to 0.01 moles. For more information refer to cmol to mol conversion

Let us see an example to convert 15 centimoles to moles.

  1. So as we know 1 centimole = 10-2 moles.

  2. Therefore 15 centimoles = 15 x 0.01 moles.

  3. Finally we have 15 cmol = 0.15 mol.

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Centimoles Conversion Table and Chart

Compare one Centimoles with other amount of substance units.

6.0221414999892E+21 atoms6.0221414999892E+21 molecules
1.0E+16 attomoles1 centimoles
0.001 decamoles0.1 decimoles
1.0E-20 examoles10000000000000 femtomoles
1.0E-11 gigamoles0.0001 hectomoles
0.01 moles1.0E-5 kilomoles
1.0E-8 megamoles10000 micromoles
10 millimoles10000000 nanomoles
1.0E-17 petamoles10000000000 picomoles
1.0E-14 teramoles1.0E+22 yoctomoles
1.0E-26 yottamoles1.0E+19 zeptomoles
1.0E-23 zettamoles